domingo, 24 de marzo de 2013

Making Love in Spanish

When I make love to you in English
the objects in the room have no sex
and I only hear our voices.
But when I make love to you in Spanish
the chairs — those little girls — chatter,
and our shoes
want to step, with adoration, on the body
of light, lamplight,
that falls across the floor.
In Spanish the tangled sleeves of our sweaters
sigh with soft womanly voices,
and fall like long vines
around an armchair

that has become their master.
(El sillón con las mangas).
The roses bathe and bow
filled with desire for the clock
and the fragile windows
want to break into the mirror.
Here, your pockets worship
my stockings.
Here, the white walls worship
the white moon.

In the dark,
I give you my feminine mouth.
In the dark,
el amor mi amor, 
I give you my masculine eyes.

poema de J. Clement
Silver print, unmounted by Erwin Blumenfeld, Young Eyes, 1938, Germany.

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